Cartoons and Illustrations

Business Card Front & Various Logos

So I’m On A Bus Front Cover and Sample Pages.
The book was Number One in Amazon comedy books charts during the end of 2014.

Various Logos and Action Figure Birthday Card

Football Action Figure Birthday Card

ASD Visuals characters

ASD Visuals – Learning cards

ASD Visuals – Learning cards

ASD Visuals – learn the body part game

Aadrvart Design character

Rockit Pizza Alien

Rockit Pizza Spaceman

Rockit Fried Chicken

Linework Colouring

Cat face Graphic

Where have U Bean?

Mad Bob De Ville and Blow Your Mind

Disco geek

Freek Chic

Crazy Dog Lady

Hostel Hero

Graphic Illustrations



Rabbit and Dog

Merry Santa and Brit Bloke

Susan 1 – Purple

Susan 1 – Red


Curly Tops cups – 3D

Watch 3D Blow Out